Supply Chain

A Recipe for Sustainable Value


We work with thousands of suppliers across the globe. These suppliers are an extension of our brands and true partners in ensuring the availability and safety of the food we serve to millions of customers every day. Most of our U.S. purchases of food, packaging, equipment and other items are managed by Restaurant Supply Chain Solutions, our exclusive supply chain management partner for almost 20 years.

Because of this relationship, as well as our stakeholders’ identifying Sustainable Sourcing as a material issue, an inherent part of our vision to serve “Trust in Every Bite” is a commitment to sustainable sourcing practices that are mindful of our suppliers’ use of energy, water and waste and their impact on animal welfare and sourcing communities.

Yum! suppliers must adhere to our Supplier Code of Conduct, which sets basic requirements for all of our suppliers whether they provide us with food or beverages, packaging or equipment. We support suppliers in their efforts to conduct business in an environmentally and socially responsible way, in accordance with our sustainability policies and practices.

Learn more about our management of Ethics and Human Rights

Our current supply chain strategy focuses on four main pillars: food safety, supply continuity, cost-effective innovation and sustainability. We rely on third-party audits to monitor our supply chain. As Yum! becomes more franchised, third-party audits help to ensure consistent analyses across markets.

We also are conducting a supply chain sustainability risk assessment, which will identify, evaluate and prioritize the risk profile of key commodities and countries of origin. Following the assessment’s findings, we will develop enterprise-wide recommendations for our supply chain sustainability strategy.

As one of the largest restaurant companies in the world, we are a large purchaser of animal protein and produce. We seek continuous improvement in our food sourcing and production systems across our agricultural supply chain, with a particular focus on animal welfare and forest stewardship.



KFC has a supply chain council in each of its markets and is currently creating a global supply chain council to oversee the brand’s sustainable supply chain strategy.