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A Commitment to Transparency


We are committed to responsible labeling and advertising practices across our brands. We work closely with franchisees worldwide to promote transparency about our food, both in our restaurants and online.

Yum! Brands believes in responsible labeling and stays abreast of labeling regulations affecting our brands across the globe. In many countries, government guidelines inform our labeling and nutrition requirements per individual portion. Guidelines are already in place in Australia, Canada, Korea and the U.K., and appear to be on the horizon in Peru and Saudi Arabia. All of these countries have already implemented labeling guidelines for sodium, fat and calories per portion specific to local regulations.

In the U.S., we comply with all federal regulations and guidelines for nutrition and menu labeling, such as the U.S. Nutrition Labeling Requirements set forth by the Food and Drug Administration, New York City’s sodium labeling requirements and the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act (California Proposition 65).

Our brands’ websites and social media channels are an important way in which we educate consumers and other stakeholders about our progress against nutrition goals and the nutritional profile of our products. Taco Bell is a leader in this area as one of the first quick-service restaurants to voluntarily post its full nutrition infor-mation online in 2005. Today, all three of Yum!'s brands publicize nutrition information for their full U.S. menus and have nutrition calculators available online or through mobile apps. Pizza Hut and Taco Bell also list nutrition information for regional and limited-time-offer menu items. These tools list all ingredients, food allergens and nu-trition for each permanent menu item, making it simple for consumers to understand what’s in their food, cus-tomize their orders and make conscious choices about what to eat.


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Nutrition Calculator

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Nutrition Calculator

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We understand that parents of young children have evolving preferences about the food they feed their families. While kids’ meals are not a focus area for Yum! Brands and represent a very small percentage of our business, we are mindful of how we market to children and work to increase transparency around the ingredients we serve to our younger consumers. In the U.S, we do not advertise on television programs specifically aimed at children under 12 years old and encourage markets outside the U.S. to refrain from it as well.

  • Taco Bell was the first national quick-service restaurant chain to discontinue kids’ meals and toys in 2013.
  • KFC Australia has been engaged with the Australian quick-service Restaurant Industry Initiative for Responsible Advertising and Marketing to Children as a founding member since 2009 and no longer targets advertising campaigns directly at children.
  • KFC Australia and Africa have removed toys from kids’ meals