Nutrients We Encourage

Promoting Nutrition While Delivering on Taste


We encourage balanced options, while still offering food that delivers on flavor and craveability.

Our product development teams and suppliers follow nutrition and ingredient guidelines when beginning new product development. These guiding principles help to ensure that new menu items meet our nutrition targets and standards where possible. We also continue to expand menu offerings with more gluten-free, fruit- and vegetable-forward, lower-calorie and high-protein menu items and ingredients.

Kentucky Grilled Chicken and green beans

  • A variety of vegetable sides are offered, including green beans, mashed potatoes, corn and coleslaw, each containing 10 grams of fat or less per serving.
  • In the U.S., KFC continues to explore opportunities for improving the nutritional makeup of kids’ meals. The brand now offers a variety of kids’ meals under 300 calories.
  • KFC in the U.K. and Ireland has a suite of lighter menu options, including its Rice Box menu line that replaces fries with rice.
  • Participating KFC restaurants offer Kentucky Grilled Chicken (KGC) for consumers looking for products that are lower in calories, depending on the size of the piece. More specific nutritional information can be found here about KGC in the U.S. and here about KGC in the South Pacific and Africa regions.
  • KFC Australia has developed a Honey Mustard Baked Tender Twister that is lower in calories, fat, and sodium to meet specific nutrition criteria.

Udi's® Gluten-free Pizza at Pizza Hut

  • Select international markets will launch a new “artisan” crust and new topping combinations that offer more vegetables and fresh ingredients by 2019.
  • In 2017, Pizza Hut U.K. launched vegan cheese options as well as gluten-free pizzas — options which were already offered in Australia, Canada and the U.S.
  • The brand offers a salad bar and delivery salads packed with fresh produce in almost every country around the world.

Taco Bell's 7-layer Burrito

  • Nearly three-quarters of menu items are less than 500 calories, and over half of Taco Bell’s breakfast menu is less than 400 calories.
  • Ordering “Fresco style” replaces cheeses, mayo-based sauces, reduced-fat sour cream and guacamole with freshly prepared pico de gallo, at no additional cost. This switch can provide about a 25 percent reduction in fat. The signature Fresco Menu offers seven items with less than 350 calories and 10 grams of fat.
  • The Power Menu includes high-protein burritos and bowls, all under 510 calories.
  • Taco Bell is the first quick-service restaurant to offer menu items certified by the American Vegetarian Association.