Food Safety Training

Engaging Every Employee on Food Safety


Employees are integral in maintaining the highest food safety standards in our restaurants.

Every Yum! division has technical and leadership capabilities in food safety to actively manage and effectively execute Yum! Food Safety Policies and Standards, and all Yum! restaurant employees are trained in food safety. Our food safety standards set minimum requirements on the safe production of food using science-based data and regulatory requirements as a foundation. These standards guide employee training and are prepared in collaboration with food safety and quality assurance experts from across our organization so that food safety is consistently executed across our brands.

All restaurant employees worldwide receive food safety training as part of the onboarding process, as well as regular, recurring food safety training. This instruction focuses on illness prevention, personal hygiene, hand washing, temperature management and more.


The Yum! Produce Safety Advisory Council, an internal advisory group led by Taco Bell which continues to be an industry leader in produce safety, is made up of independent academics, competitors, suppliers, microbiologists, entomologists and other industry experts to share best practices and the latest science and technology in food safety in produce. The council brings these stakeholders together and asks, “What are we doing now, how can we do it better and what can we do collectively in the future to keep the produce in our supply chain safe?”