Food Nutrition Strategy


Our team of expert nutritionists and food innovation professionals drive the strategy for nutritious choices and ingredient improvements across KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell. This strategy focuses on making our products more balanced, giving customers choices and being transparent about what’s in our food. While each brand has its own nutrition standards and accountability plans, we are working toward consistency in the nutritional quality of our food with new Global Nutrition Standards and Guidelines.


Food- and diet-related illnesses are on the rise, resulting in growing consumer awareness and concern
about what they eat. This and other factors are changing consumers’ eating habits, needs and desires at a rapid pace. We conduct regular market research to help ensure that our business is aligned with these shifts in
preference and lifestyle. As a baseline, we know our consumers want safe, quality food that doesn’t
compromise on flavor. Current trends and considerations that we are tracking closely include:

  • Value: Our consumers seek delicious food that is affordable. While they want nutritious options on our menus, they expect those options to be offered at a value.
  • Snacking: People are snacking more often and eating smaller portions throughout the day. Our brands are actively working to make our menus more customizable, so if a consumer wants a convenient snack instead of a full meal, they have plenty of options from which to choose.
  • Plant-Forward and Simple: Consumers are looking for ways to incorporate more plants (fruits, vegetables, whole grains) into their diets as well as options that are less processed. We are dedicated to incorporating fresh produce into our menus wherever possible and simplifying ingredients across all our brands.
  • Gen Z: When it comes to the now-adolescent generation — “Gen Z” — and food, they aren’t just simply thinking about healthy diets and simpler, fresher ingredients. They are also considering what food means to them personally, for society and for the planet. Gen Z is asking the tough questions such as, “How will the food choices I make impact me and others? Where do the ingredients in my meal come from and how are they grown?” Gen Z is focused on the experience of what they eat and making sure that it not only tastes good, but that it translates to positive impact.
  • Flexitarian Lifestyles: Consumers are trying to eat better, but they also want choices that leave room for indulgence. One day, for example, a consumer might be in the mood for a vegetarian choice, and the next, his or her main priority may be getting a high-protein meal. We make sure to provide a range of nutritious options that accommodate the increasingly flexible eating habits of our consumers.
“The theme we’re seeing with consumers is that they want to eat better — but they also want choices. It’s all about finding a balance between healthy options and indulgence. We want to offer menu items that provide choices for everyone and every mood.”
LIZ MATTHEWS – Taco Bell Global Chief Food Innovation Officer