Food Safety Audits

Creating Safety Through Oversight


Our food safety auditing program is designed to promote effective control and risk mitigation throughout our global supply chain.

Supplier and distributor audits are conducted by certified auditors who undergo training and calibration. Auditors must be able to accurately and competently conduct food safety audits to minimize scoring variability and instill trust within the audit process.

We select our suppliers based on audit performance, risk assessments, people capability and key performance indicators for food safety preventive controls, including Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP), pest control, sanitation, operations and facility management, recall/withdraw plans and protection from contamination.

Our Supplier Tracking Assessment and Recognition (STAR) quality system facilitates a collaborative exchange of food safety information between suppliers, distributors, and the franchisee community to provide compliance and performance visibility. Each Yum! division quality assurance team manages food safety and quality monitoring of suppliers in both our processing facilities and our restaurants.

The auditing plan and audit visit frequency for each supplier depends on the results of our supplier risk assessment, performance level and perceived risk factors, including people and food safety capabilities. Suppliers that are audited receive feedback on their performance to drive continuous improvement and mitigate risk from defined food safety hazards. Each year, Yum! conducts approximately 3,000 food safety supplier audits.

Suppliers are also subject to quality systems audits that verify their systems and processes meet Yum! or legal standards for food safety and/or quality. Our distributors are subject to the same standards and expectations of food safety as our suppliers and receive distribution audits that cover transportation and warehouses.

Third-party food safety professionals conduct Food Standards Compliance Check audits at our restaurants twice per year at a minimum to promote compliance with our food safety standards and local regulatory requirements. In addition, restaurants must meet facility and equipment standards for hygienic and food-safe restaurant design. In 2017, more than 80,000 restaurant food safety audits were completed across more than 45,000 restaurants, bringing the total number since 2015 to over 230,000 audits.