Global Citizenship & Sustainability Strategy


Our Global Citizenship & Sustainability strategy reflects Yum! Brands’ priorities for socially responsible growth, risk management and sustainable stewardship of our food, planet and people.

Yum! Brands is committed to delivering on our promises to our most important stakeholders — enhancing the customer experience, improving restaurant and franchise profitability, increasing employee engagement and rewarding investors and shareholders.

Our Citizenship & Sustainability priorities will concentrate on advancing progress and results in the most critical parts of our business: feeding people and being transparent about what’s in our food, choosing responsible suppliers, operating our restaurants efficiently, hiring and developing the best talent in an inclusive workplace, and giving back to our communities.

As a globally franchised business, Yum! views franchisees as essential partners in the execution of our Citizenship & Sustainability priorities concerning our food, planet and people.

As a global restaurant company, we are well-positioned to address numerous United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, such as Zero Hunger, Decent Work and Economic Growth, Responsible Consumption and Production, and Climate Action.

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