Yum! Brands Foundation

As a global restaurant company, our goal is to feed the world—especially those who are at risk of going to bed hungry. With more than 41,000 restaurants in 125 countries and territories, the world is our community. We are committed to giving back to all of the communities where our employees live and work.

The Yum! Brands Foundation supports charitable organizations in the communities we serve. While our primary focus is investing in organizations that are working to solve hunger, we also support other organizations that are important to our associates and our franchise partners. In 2014 the Yum! Brands Foundation invested nearly $7 million in charities with missions focused on hunger, youth, social services, the arts and diversity.

In the U.S., the Yum! Brands Foundation promotes employee giving to nonprofit organizations through annual workplace giving campaigns and our matching gifts program. Associate and board member contributions to qualifying organizations are matched dollar-for-dollar, up to $10,000 annually. Additionally, the Foundation encourages associates to serve on boards of nonprofit agencies in their communities by providing financial support to those organizations.

The Yum! Brands Foundation also provides up to $1 million annually to support, Dare to Care Food Bank, our local food bank partner. Additionally, the Yum! Brands Foundation supports various local nonprofits working to serve those in need in our hometown.

Charitable Contributions

The Yum! Brands Foundation focuses primarily on the eradication of hunger and hunger-related causes. Additionally, we are proud to support our nonprofit partners in the areas of arts and culture, human and social services and other areas that are important to our associates.

Dare to Care Food Bank

In Louisville, Kentucky, home of Yum! Brands and KFC, one in four children is at risk of going to bed hungry each night. As the world’s largest restaurant company, it is our privilege and our responsibility to feed the hungry—around the world and in our hometown.

Together with our Louisville-based associates, we have contributed more than $12 million over 12 years to the Dare to Care Food Bank to end hunger in the Kentucky/Indiana region. Through a network of more than 300 food pantries, shelters and emergency kitchens, Dare to Care provided over 13 million meals to more than 192,000 people in 2013. Partnering with Dare to Care enables Yum! to reach those in our community who most need our support.

We are proud to support Dare to Care’s Kids Café after-school program, which provides children 18 and under with a warm nutritious meal in a safe environment. Children also have the opportunity to participate in adult-supervised activities, academic and extracurricular activities including homework clubs.

Yum! Brands’ support helps Dare to Care expand its programming including:

“Yum! Brands has been an invaluable partner to the Dare to Care Food Bank providing more than $12 million representing more than 85 million meals to families, children and seniors. Without the help of our friends at Yum! Brands, there would be many more people struggling with hunger in our community.”

Brian Riendeau, Executive Director, Dare to Care Food Bank